People who achieved too little in life, always act like they got too much going on.
Proper INCONSISTENCY at play.
The fun part is;
you will find them in same spot even after next 10 years.


Your JOB doesn’t suck.
Monday doesn’t suck.
The weather does not suck.
Your partner doesn’t suck.
Your lack of self worth and self-love sucks.


There is an Arabic saying that goes this way:

“You want to die?
Then throw yourself into the sea and you’ll see yourself fighting to survive.
You do not want to kill yourself.
Rather you want to kill something inside of you.”

True me.. Tap-1022..

Be a walking contradiction.
Be strong and soft.
Be deep and lighthearted.
Be beautiful and intelligent.
Be confident and humble.
Be someone with a quick wit and a cheap sense of humor.
Be content climbing a mountain and enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing.

The world may try and classify you as one thing because that is far easier to understand than a person who has a little bit everything in them.
And you may feel misunderstood for a while, but just remember your people can only find you if you’re brave enough to be yourself.
There are parts of you that you have yet to discover.
There is greater love that you have yet to find.
There are experiences that are far beyond your imagination.
And it’s all waiting for you.
Life is waiting for you.
So set aside your expectations and go explore it.
(Not my words.)

Tap OUT..✌️


Not all talented people are successful.
Not all successful people are talented.
Sometimes it’s all about an open mind to learn & a consistent hunger to grow, very few understand it.

True me.. Tap-1009..

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
The small things in life don’t need to be worried and stressed about so much.
The alarm can be fixed.
The tire can be replaced.
The coffee can be refilled.
The parking ticket can be paid.
The keys can be found.
The to-dos can get to-done.
You can get sleep.
You can get some food.
Maybe a snickers to satisfy.

Your life is great.
You just have to allow it to be.
People don’t make you angry.
You allow the anger to dwell within you.
Circumstances don’t upset you.
You allow yourself to get upset.
You choose to worry.
You choose to criticize.
You choose to blame.
And you choose to complain.
No one else decides this for you.
Your ATTITUDE is what determines your day.

Tap OUT..✌️


Stop overthinking.
If it’s God’s will, it’ll happen and nothing will stop it.
If it’s not, he has a better plan.
Practice peace.
Have faith in knowing that.