True me.. Tap-609..

There’s this one superstition almost everyone of us practices without realising; “Saying bless you when someone sneezes”. Telling someone bless you after a sneeze is a quick reflex that many people possess this superstition. It’s customary to respond to a sneeze so much so that if you fail to bless someone, they may get offended.

But why are we so compelled to say these words to anyone who sneezes? Well, there are a few superstitious theories on why the sneeze specifically calls for a bless you. The most popular began in Rome when the Bubonic plague ravaged the population and one of the symptoms of the disease was sneezing. Pope Gregory the first belief that saying “God bless you” after a sneeze what protect people from Death. There is another theory that stems from ancient history, It used to be believed that a sneeze could accidentally expel someone’s Spirit from their body. Fortunately God could prevent it with the small blessing. Others believed that sneezes expelled unwanted evil spirits. This was good for the sneezer, but it put others at risk. So blessing everyone around was the safety.

(I too say BLESS YOU when someone sneezes, it’s fun & i feel it’s one more way to send some good vibes to other person.)

Tap OUT..🤗

General Tarot Readings (Collective) July-2019..

Let’s jump into the readings..

1. DEATH: Death to the old ways or old you. Life is all about transformation. Get rid of past sorrow,grief or negative mindset. Evolve towards a positive vibration.

2. KNIGHT OF SWORDS: Information/Communication coming in. Make the best use it for your betterment. Information can be related to new financial or career opportunities as well. Doesn’t matter they are good or bad, accept & digest the TRUTH.

3. STRENGTH: Have enough strength to deal with the situation. Don’t think life will always be roses & dings. Try to get along & get on with it. Make the move & take necessary changes towards new endeavour. Tame the beast inside you as well.

4. THE SUN: The sun is happiest card on the deck. Once you change old ways of you, accept the information, have enough strength to deal with it; positive things have been manifested, HAPPINESS is yours.

Tomorrow will always be a better day over Today. Believe in yourself. Swallow & Follow your TRUTH. Readings are for those who need guidance. If your intuition is showing you the best path, follow it.

(Yes strength & The sun are both LEO cards. I am a LEO as well.👍 That doesn’t mean LEO zodiac sign people have some superpowers this month. It’s just that you have good luck & destiny working in your favour. It’s good time for some materialistic gains. You have enough opportunities, attention & encounters coming in till August 3rd week. Divine timing is at play. Make wise decisions. Reap the benefits on longer run.)

True me.. Tap-57..

Ha Ha. Girl of my dreams; Stop asking, I have met her already & also buried her deep in my heart somewhere after she passed away.

Best part: Her front & back both are not worth missing. Her smile is pasted in my head & my other head is missing her back.

Tap OUT..😜

True me.. Tap-18..

Death shouldn’t be your fear. Those who love us will miss us; that should be your FEAR..