True me.. Tap-846..


1. You commit to and practice observing yourself.
2. You notice a story you’re telling yourself.
3. You set a boundary you may not have set before.
4. You honour a commitment to yourself.
5. You take ownership and accountability when there’s something to own.
6. You can see another perspective outside of your own.
7. You see the pain of others in their reactivity without over personalizing.
8. You move away from changing others and move towards integrating the change you’d like to see for yourself.

GROWTH is often uncomfortable, messy, and full of feelings you weren’t EXPECTING. But it’s necessary.

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True me.. Tap-808..

No one else can possibly know what kinda power you’ve got going on inside you.
What kinda potential, life-force, and creative ability you contain.
Only you know the beginning and end of that.
And even if you tell anyone about your dreams,
and they nod their head, like, “Yes, yes, maybe that’s meant to be”, they should never need to be convinced that you will reach those dreams.
Because your dreams are not theirs.
Let go of their opinion.
Let go of their judgement.
Let go of their support, even if it is coming from the most loving place.
Let it go.
Because it’s not for them to know, this thing that you are dreaming.

You know where you’re going.
You know what you are capable of.
There is no need to prove this or explain this or articulate this to anyone else.
It is entirely up to you.
And you need all the space within you to be free for new realities.
Make sure you’ve cleared that space.
Make sure nothing else is influencing that space.
Make sure that this dream is all and only you.

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True me.. Tap-688..

When you feel like what you are experiencing is not enough- instead of allowing yourself to get frustrated, anxious, discourage, or disappointed, choose to channel in a spirit of thankfulness.

Find something to be thankful for and begin to express gratitude.
Because, no matter what is going on in your world- there’s plenty to be grateful for.
You have blood pumping through your veins.
You have air flowing through your lungs.
You have an actively working brain & body to achieve.
You have a roof over your head and food on your table.
You have creativity that cannot be taken away and an undeniable purpose.

(Not my words).

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True me.. Tap-680..

If we want to see SUCCESS in our lives, we must intentionally work towards what we’re purposed to do. We cannot get distracted by anything outside of our purpose or compromise our creativity, vision, or convictions because we believe that we’ll obtain more success or get more recognition or praise through our change in direction.

It doesn’t work like that. Because, success is connected to purpose- not trends of popularity. One of the definitions of success is “the accomplishment of one’s goals”. We have to keep OUR GOALS in front of us, not someone else’s.

So, stay on track. believe in yourself and your purpose. trust that as you stay faithful to what you know you ought to be doing, you will experience astronomical success that will leave you with a sense of fulfillment and will impact the world around you.
(Not my words)

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Your competition isn’t other people.

Your competition is your procrastination, your ego, the unhealthy food you’re consuming, the knowledge you neglect, the negative behavior you’re nurturing & your lack of creativity.
Compete against that.

True me.. Tap-598..

Let me shine light on this issue of “SMARTPHONE ADDICTION”. Just ask yourself “how many of you are starting and ending the day on your phone!!”. Most people are inseparable from their phones. Sometimes this type of connection can be more harmful than helpful, especially at the beginning and end of your day. It’s easy to form the habit of picking up your phone when you wake up and end the day scrolling. Many people even charge their phones right next to their beds.

(I must mention, i am not a huge smartphone addicted person. My addiction is black coffee, Tom and Jerry, Kindle app, now a days i am learning more of music mixing & a new machine learning course. So i am kinda addicted to my iPad. Sad to say i am spending bit too much time with my iPad after work, all thanks to this lockdown.)

But here the problem is emails, to do lists, social media feeds, games and everything else is just creating a barrage of distractions and ideas that cloud your mind creating no good outcome. For the sake of your mental well-being at least try to minimize technology as you start and end your day.

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True me.. Tap-534..

Today i am gonna talk about “How COMFORT ZONE is killing you from within!!” Do you feel satisfied with your accomplishments in life? Are you where you want to be? A surprising amount of people will answer NO to these questions. You might be one of those people who haven’t made satisfactory progress in life, often failed to reach goals because they’re stuck inside their comfort zones. It’s much easier to keep doing the same things & stay within the confines of familiarity. Breaking out of your comfort zone needs choosing and uncertainty. However, if you want to achieve your goals and make lasting progress in life, you need to choose growth instead of comfort in some situations. Your comfort zone is actually holding you back.

You won’t discover your true self in comfort zone. We often choose to remain within our comfort zones because it’s safe and easy when things are familiar. The future is predictable. There’s no risk and no fear. This might sound like a great thing. Without fear, challenge and risk, you’re unlikely to understand yourself on a deep level. When you choose to take on a challenge, face your fears and overcome them, you’re choosing to engage in an act of learning experience where the subject matter is you and although these situations are often scary. You need to practice stepping out of your familiar space if you want to learn more about who you are. When you take risks, you discover more about what makes you tick, what your strengths are and what you need to work on as you take journey of self-discovery, you’ll find your true self, a version of you with deep wisdom and power that you didn’t even know was there. Once you step outside of your comfort zone you’ll begin to connect with your hidden self, opening doors along the way to personal growth, positive changes & a fuller understanding of deep love with self . Without discomfort you’ll never know this progress.

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