Never blame anyone in LIFE.
Bad people give you experience & lessons.
Good people give you happiness & memories.

True me.. Tap-488..

Some people are so in touch with thier reality that they have stopped seeing dreams. I am talking about the ones who always think/talk about “settle down for something” instead of pushing their limits. Nobody to blame here except yourself, it’s about the inferiority to explore own full potential.

We are the way we think. The day you can change the way you think, it will change your LIFE.

Tap OUT..💪

True me.. Tap-155..

Four things about me you can’t deny that makes me irreplaceable:

1. You know only one person named “TAP”, that’s me.

2. No one cracks better dick or tit jokes than me.

3. You know I am blunt as hell with my words. My TRUTH may either cherish your life or haunt you till you head deathbed.

4. Money is my biggest motivation & sometimes you blame me about being selfish with that. Later you always reach me when you need help financially.

Tap OUT..😜