It’s a pretty simple concept yet it can be so difficult to just stop worrying.
Worrying doesn’t do anything but suspend our happiness.
It works, so give it a shot and see if your mood improves.

Listen to a happy upbeat song, go out on a walk to nearby park or forest, have a heart to heart conversation with yourself, spend some time with mother nature & get back on track.

2 thoughts on “Tru2Day1061

  1. Well yes, but at the same time … when you are bothered by people being killed or bullied that’s a little hard. So kinda silences little bit??
    Because my life normal and I am happy … but then I think of what is happening in Ukraine and they are normal regular families/people … so to watch someone brutally attack like that and continue too?? Does kind of take sunshine away??
    While I am loving life – they are experiencing much heartache and emotions – displacement, loss
    So kinda makes me ache little – because I know how is… and I don’t know bombings (fricken thank god!) I can only imagine how traumatic
    I do know facing mortality with cancer so I understand the fear of facing massive loss – like a shot through the heart 😮
    Humans are resilient though. A strong spirit can make through anything – and I would say the world is behind them …
    And sometimes the underdog is stronger/smarter and more heart than you think ❤️ 😘✌️
    But I’m just saying … is little heavy
    While my life is ok – theirs is not
    I’m really not sure how to view that? Just silences a little

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    1. Thanks for your words Omatra, long time since i saw your comment on my post. I can second your every single word. I too feel the same towards others & underprivileged. All we can do is wish for the best. Your thoughts & writing both are beautiful.👍🤗

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