True me.. Tap-748..

In a world that seeks connection,
we oddly avoid eye contact,
we time our text responses in order to protect ourselves from seeming too eager or too interested,
we hold our feelings back because we don’t want to seem overly emotional or unreasonable.

We silence our instincts,
at the end of the day instead of feeling good about ourselves,
we feel alone,
we feel misunderstood.

it is okay to be emotional,
to seek help,
to confidently tell someone you enjoy being around that you are infatuated with them.
There is nothing wrong with vulnerability,
with being human,
for that is what creates depth within our relationships,
that is what ultimately unifies us.
If your feelings & emotions bring joy, show them.
Living a happy life means, do what you wish to do right now.

Tap OUT..🤗

8 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-748..

  1. Haha well we hold our feelings back because not all are sincere.
    Nothin wrong with little caution lol
    Also not dead lol 😄✌️
    And I do kinda love the peace until it just fits or someone comes in my life
    Not in a rush and really love the peace until then ❤️✌️

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    1. Peace is the KEY.
      I enjoy every moment of being me.
      But being little emotional or vulnerable is OK with right people.
      Especially i am cent percent emotional towards babies & puppies. Adults confuse me little bit sometimes.😂

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      1. Yes 🙌 always peace for the soul ❤️
        I enjoy my life also 🙌 … mostly lol … I do have a few complaints about life trying to give me too many lessons lol 😘✌️
        That’s true that you let your guards down with the right people – but you better be sure that’s what stands beside you 😮
        I am sentimental with items given with thought or memory attachment … also songs lol
        I am emotional with certain things I don’t like to speak of 😮 too heavy of emotions. So I don’t speak of.
        Ahhh life makes people confusing and not all adults actually adult lol ✌️

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        1. Friends & families gift during birthday, christmas, new year & thanksgiving as well.
          I don’t believe in gifts that i receive during new year or christmas, most people buy discounted crap.
          But things received during birthday or thanksgiving are always thoughtful.

          There are always some truthful & consistent people who bring our guard down pretty easy with little time+effort.
          Enjoy life. Peace.🤗

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