I don’t care how attractive you think you look.
If you have an ugly heart, you’re ugly.

4 thoughts on “Tru2Day798

  1. Wordddd, that’s all!!! What the world needs is kindness and goodness. Today was such a huge day as we went out for protest in my country against insecurity and what I saw today boggled my mind. The whole world was watching and yet the police was using brutality on protesters and arresting people. meanwhile other youths like me came out to support the government instead of opposing them. I’ve been weeping since, how can be be this cold, clueless, wicked and ugly. This is so unrelated, i just needed to vent before I go crazy. Anyways, thank you so much for this post, God bless you.

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    1. I will never understand why governments like oppressing own citizens!! I hope you are doing well, no matter what’s the situation around. Thanks for your words Ene.🤗


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