People who say “Love is more important than MONEY”, next month onwards try paying all your bills with a hug or kiss. I wanna know why this stupid phrase is so widely exaggerated!!

My correction on this will be “MORAL OVER MONEY & MONEY OVER MORTALS”.

2 thoughts on “Tru2Day669

  1. It is because money is the root of all evil.
    Today on the radio the guy said… if you remove money from the equation … are you rich? And what exactly do you define as rich, if money was not a thing?
    Sometimes I watch families that fight over money when someone passes ☹️.
    So I think that saying is meant because sometimes people forget to be human when money is involved
    And yeah – kisses and hugs don’t pay the bills or anything else lol

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    1. I think MONEY is evil when you expect from others or feel obliged. I take money in a personal way & i love it. Whatever i have belongs to me, i am proud of it. Someday when i have kids, i will make sure to teach them everything i believe. And in case i die at the age of 150, i will make sure everything i own goes back to society because i earned from there. I don’t believe in this ancestral/parental property transfers.👍

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