Forgiving, Forgetting & Waiting all are painful. Picking one of these three is a tough task, yet pick one to move forward with life. That’s how you can find your real true self.

6 thoughts on “Tru2Day451

  1. Forgiveness is always the key to life!
    Forgetting Is super hard, if you try so hard to forget you will never forget it makes it even more difficult to forget….. and for waiting well being Patience is a virtue but it’s the way you are waiting…. waiting for shit to get handed to you or your waiting for life to give you the best moments you are meant to have I don’t think I’m making sense but in my head it makes sense I can’t put into words really how I think about the waiting part but I choose forgiveness because with forgiveness your not forgiving them for them your forgive them for you! For your soul for your peace without forgiveness there comes no love, time, patience & peace! Which forgiveness is all the above!

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    1. I appreciate you for reflecting bit of your thoughts. I agree with all your words here. Forgiveness is the key. Forgetting is hard because we lived it & it’s hard to erase memories. Waiting is not my strength but I am learning. Again; a ton of thanks for your response. Appreciation appreciated.🤗🤗🤗

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