True me.. Tap-334..

I took a step back to plan what I should do towards being a better human the day I understood, I have a head which runs on money & a tiny bit of empathy.

Let’s talk bit about that money part now. I am a deep sincere listener around right people even though you have seen/heard me attending/speaking in seminars/conferences on business analytics. I have a big interest in business and evolving new technologies. I always learn from consumers, not from competition. Reason; I don’t want to do the same mistakes as my competition. Planned to do bit of collaboration in my recent past towards making something bigger than what I am. Every human relationship is based on a interest. When the interests are conflicting, exit that equation. Money easily ruins friendship/family time after time.

(This post is typed just before an hour. Mentioning because almost all my posts are scheduled a month advance.)
Tap OUT..🤗

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