True me.. Tap-324..

Money, fame or success whatever you want, all starts from a DESIRE. Desire to be a bigger better you. DESIRE to do the right at right time. Misunderstandings are inevitable. Let people term you “GREEDY”, it’s just a phase & you will get rid of it.

I still write/maintain a dairy. These few lines I found from the page of 17/September/2017. I started my tiny health supplement business that day. You might be reading it like just another stupid motivation filled lines. These lines were outcome of a beef with few frenemies that I dumped the same year. Basically it’s a kick to my butt by myself where I failed to evaluate people or I failed in their eyes, anyway it’s a nonsense to me now. We discard unnecessary people, products & possesion time to time. It’s just a part of LIFE.

Tap OUT..🤗

3 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-324..

  1. It’s definitely not stupid..
    And ….
    It’s definitely not non motivational…
    It’s the only way to deal with negativity around you especially from the ones we consider friends….
    We need support..
    We need that moral support and encouragement…
    What we don’t need is inspirational killers…
    When we have those in our corners believing in us and supporting our dreams..
    We grow wings to fly and soar high…
    So you did the right thing..
    Kicking them to the curb…
    Just keep on dreaming and keep on trying.. moving forward with each and every step..
    TAP OUT…

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