This is stupid bonny..😜

Starting with a happy humble horny hothead happening BOY and his conversation around boo & boo’s parents. It’s also sighting the advantages of having a girlfriend whose polish parents don’t understand english. So here the girl is helping her parents & boyfriend understand each other by translating their languages to one another. Let’s say the name of the girl is GIRL & boy’s name is BOY as we began. What an original idea of naming people!! Lockdown is still pretty much alive. Hope this dozy chatter makes few smile or laugh.

BOY to GIRL’s parents: Your daughter is an amazing person. I badly want her whole as mine one-day because she is true to me since day-one. I adore her smile & blue eyes. Swear I will pamper her forever & bang her both holes tonight.
GIRL translating to her parents in polish: Mówi: “Lubi sernik jagodowy i chce dziś wieczorem zjeść kolację z naszą rodziną”. (ENGLISH TRANSLATION: He is saying “he likes blueberry cheesecake and he wants to have dinner with our family tonight”.)

UNDERLINE OF THE STORY: This BOY is a huge pain in the ass to his GIRL. Someday sure he will fuck with his marriage vows as well. One more thing you didn’t notice, this guy bought an amazing sassy bitch for himself without using/misusing the word “LOVE”.

There is a tiny info about what’s cooking in my life. Tappie Monster is another brain child of my 24/7 active brain. This is a small animated series for kids starting this winter with a comic book first, next a softtoy alike modern day tarzan, then we will be expanding it to 3-4 minute long animated cartoon clips launching once every month with a good message in it that even a one year old baby can understand & enjoy. About the softtoy thing; entire revenue generated from sales will go straight towards church services/orphanages nearby.

These lines are for my bitch, I might have scared you little bit with my blunt racy words. No matter you are reading this now or after 50 years; rest assured I will still play with your butt cheeks at home or even during shopping groceries in lidl & while walking on the streets of soho. It may take a year or two when I will pump a tiny royal Tap inside you, this business’s profit will be his/her future college fund afterwards. TK-ZK story began someday in 2019 from here.

People who spared their little time reading till the end; let’s wish & pray everything comes back soon to as it was before this corona virus situation, so that we all can enjoy the real goodness of life. STAY SAFE. Tap OUT..🤗

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