Astrology prediction on CORONA VIRUS!!

Under quarantine nobody has much to do. See it like a 15-minutes entertainment video. There must be few who will say “all astrology & planets thing is bullshit” & maybe you are true (no judgement on your thoughts). That’s the reason I am mentioning, right person will take away the right thing.

I don’t believe in astrology or horoscope fully. But I am a curious brat by nature. I love to learn & understand everything. I know why & how astrology/birth charts or even tarot cards connect to life. We all live a predictable life somehow. The only change you can do is “BE A TRUTHFUL YOU“. I swear you will keep on surprising everyone. In modern era; forget what you are towards others, humans don’t know how to behave & be legit towards themselves at first place.

(The best thing this guy mentioned: If people will wear seatbelts & condoms at right time, 2 million people will die less.) Stay safe, do what you are supposed to do at home. Sending you loads of goodwill & healing.

Tap OUT..🤗

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