I consider myself as an outrageous asshole when my desires come to play. A successful small scale supplement business, a new cafe idea still brewing, a basic athleisure clothing brand, another premium lifestyle brand collaborating with some fashion design institute young grads launching this 30-July-2020 to bring some old school distressed denim patched with tribal/unique 3D prints together & vegan leather wallets/pouches, too soon a mineral water bottling plant near my hometown, all are dreams I sold myself to achieve before 2025. Three achieved & rest three under work.

I know the target is huge & I have a 150-160 year long life to achieve it. I don’t want to die before that. Doesn’t matter if it takes longer time to accomplish all, I have started enjoying the ride. I don’t have a clear idea about SUCCESS yet. Only thing I know, “I will make an extra buck every next day & my next generation must get a better life compared to what I got”. Done. I am happy. People who accompanied my journey are always appreciated in my books. This 2020 gave me bit of everything in LOVE, LAUGHTER, LUST, LUX, LIFE, LEARNING & LESSONS.

Moved to a new city months back & enjoying the vibe. Now onwards you will see me going further & further ahead towards achieving all one by one. Decided to go with instead of some .com or .in domain, because I get the best out of myself when I am busy with baking cheesecakes/pizza, trekking, workout or swimming. These are my golden moments where an idea suddenly hits my head and I rush to write it down somewhere, I still prefer to maintain a diary. That’s GOLD to me.

Sharing a song by neffex that I always blast in gym. This song’s lyrics talk little bit about moving forward with life. I don’t understand motivational speeches, they all sound equally boring to me. Hope I was able to make one or two of my readers smile or cherish with few words. Friends are my festivals, no thanks on table. Tap OUT..😘

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