Ssshhhhhhhh.. I hide nothing!!

My life is way too tiny & simple as friends see me making it happen. If I earn in thousands, yes I donate some hundred to an orphanage. Helping people financially or emotionally in a truthful way makes me realize, cleaning my past bad Karma is not hard. Life is good to me, I get a cozy pindrop silence sleep at night like a dead body for 4-5 hours everyday.

Never stopped chasing my goals. I started my whey protein supplement business in September 2017. Started something little bigger this September as well, waiting to reap the benefits. It will take time, who’s in a hurry anyways!! Doing everything that makes me happy. Currently driven with the smell of Benjamins!😉

I was struggling with some losses in my head & heart both, Survived. It’s really hard to make something understand to self. This happens, “a cheap fuck lies/picks bullshit & a truthful person gets hurt”. Liars are insects of a healthy society in my eyes. I am obsessed with the idea of TRUTH. The real issue in me is me. I have a body & head of a JUGGERNAUT, but heart of a MICKY MOUSE.😜 It took me really long time to heal my heart. “Karma will get all”, this one thought helps & keeps me moving forward with life.

Here’s your sweet sober stubborn single happy happening horny hothead Tap. Stay blessed & stay connected. Doesn’t matter how good/bad terms we share, please don’t forget to send me some nice gifts during my birthdays & Christmas.😂 (CMU boozies).

Tap OUT..

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