Eyyyy Sassy Polish Bum!!

24/7 Hotline here.😂 Now a days friends ask me who’s this one i am talking/texting and why not taking it forward!! I am bit clueless what to answer. I ended up saying how I avoided a meeting with you in that September time, because some random cabin crew girl’s butthole was ruling my dirty mind during that late night party. I take really long time to TRUST someone, pretty fucking slow in that department. Every Brit brat who was present in that party scolded me perfectly. I will ask you a tiny forgiveness face to face. Sometimes i end up showing you some Tarot card readings & we both laugh at it together, I don’t believe in it fully but I know how/why they work!! I always say this to you “I respect you a lot, you are amazing because of your TRUTH & independent life.” I fully mean it and I never leave those whom I respect.

There is a bond of truthful consistent communication in between us, because of shared equal standards in moral & values. Let’s name it friendship when I approach you. You know I can’t lie. Whenever you feel anyone of my actions are hurting you purposefully, don’t allow me further & kick me out of your life. I never got a second chance, I never want one & I can’t give one either. Adding a tiny thing to all; I am afraid of that shitty 4 letter word called LOVE. Once I failed in it, I have close to zero courage towards that nasty thing. People misuse it. I will also suggest you to stay away from it.😜

I am not gonna tie myself in a RELATIONSHIP till I am ready. Only one rule/boundary: TRUTH is TRUST. I trust you. Tap is on a journey towards something called “MONEY” & “STABILITY”. One thing I definitely wanna share with you is next seat to my flight seat. I am a generous asshole. If the girl is wearing chic clothes & smelling nice, I can happily let her have the window seat. So that I can check her out the nastiest possible way & pretend like “I am looking at clouds”.😈 I turned 16 a decade+ ago & I will be 16 for next 150 years. You are dealing here with a TRUTHFUL logical dirty little monster. I hold you on a high regard, never lose the way you are.

(Just click it when you are thinking “why Tap is writing it all here instead of texting me?”. Answer: you have zero idea about my fucker friends. All must know I am cooking no secrets. This text is like a guideline to me on what to do till I fetch my goals. You will not talk anything about this post when we talk/meet.)

Tap LIFE..🤗

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